A Little Bit About Me!

   Hello, Welcome and Thank You for visiting my site!

   My name is Spiros Lambrinidis, and I originate from Darwin, in Australia's Northern Territory. I have worked very hard nearly all my life, growing up in this small Top-End Australian city.

  Having first ventured into the world of internet marketing in March 2006, I instantly fell in love with the prospect of having a world-wide business! My first business venture started off with Global Domains International, GDI. And I have to say, it has been my most successful venture! I truly wanted Financial Freedom & Income For Life.

   Starting out, I had absolutely no idea on where to start promoting my new business,  I very quickly discovered that the internet marketing world, was akin in nature to the "Gold Rush Fever" that existed in the mining fields of yesteryear. The miner, with their dream of attaining great personal fortune, rarely found it, except for the very few, and most determined of them. The people that did make most of the money, were the those who sold the miners the tools required to find their pot of gold! Can you see the similarities? It was then that I determined what would make good business sense. Instead of trying to sell an opportunity, I would offer the tools to succeed in that opportunity.

   I was fortunate to have made a good acquaintance with the Admin of Hits2u, Michael Vanston. A well seasoned internet marketing businessman, who developed the Hits2u / GDI duplication system. An all-in-one package designed to help all marketers. Both to give them free advertising for their businesses, and to also help them grow their GDI member base. This was exactly the "gold miners shop" that I was looking for! In an ocean of internet marketing sellers, I very quickly realised that providing the tools to those sellers for free, would be far easier & more lucrative than trying to sell to them another opportunity. Simple "Supply & Demand" economics!

For Free?... Yes, you read correctly! But rather than reveal all, right here, right now, why don't you advertise your site back here, and see how the system works? The Hits2u system has been the most successful & the most productive system for me.  It can for you too!

   It has taken some time for me to finally use my own GDI domain, but it has taken me many months of finding out what works best, and what fizzles. Since helping people has been my nature from the time I was knee-high to a grasshopper, I wanted to build my website, so that it will help all those who are interested, to get a jump start in the world of the internet marketing business. This website is the culmination of all those hard months of testing, and hard work!

  You can help yourself even further by installing your very own, "Build Your Own iBiz" browser toolbar, where I have added and made available even more free marketing & advertising resources to you. I use the toolbar every day, and I wanted to offer you a toolbar which will benefit all it's users. You can also get in touch with me personally by installing the toolbar and sending me any message you like!

   I hope you enjoy, learn & earn from the information I have provided you!


Spiros Lambrinidis
   Global Domains International Affiliate