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Using Safelists, Forums & Classified Ad Sites

   If you want to advertise to internet marketers, then one of the best places to pursue are Safelists & or Classified Ad sites. After all, these sites are filled with your future members! I have tested quite a few sites, but the one site which has stood out above the rest for me is Business World List.
Another great site is MadVlad. I have had great results using both sites.

  Advertising in Classified Ad sites is also a must, and I have received a great response from 1StopClassifieds . These sites are all free to join & use with paid pro options if you so desire.

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   There are many internet marketing forums on the net where you could easily promote your referral links. You can also try these forums, as I have had quite a few sign ups by submitting my own Hits2u ad within them. Some of the better known ones are the "Free Advertising Blog", and the Free Advertising Forum.

Marketing Tools
   When you have gained the knowledge, and become more comfortable with promoting your business on the web, you can then move to the next level of internet marketing. Rather than re-invent the wheel, I will direct you to some of the best sites where you will find all you need to know about how to set things up. I am in the process of creating a pro training guide at the moment, but because the guide encompasses so many different aspects of marketing online, it is going to take some time to complete. Keep checking back for updates to this site, or be notified directly by installing my "Build Your Own iBiz" Toolbar.

   Let's start with the first & perhaps the most fundamental requirement of internet marketing. Leads! Leads can be obtained in either of 2 ways. You can collect them yourself, or you can purchase them. Perhaps in your next phase of marketing online, purchasing your leads would be the way to go. That is until you become more adept at writing your own Ad Copy, and have a greater understanding of Auto-Responders

Perhaps the most responsive leads can be obtained from Oppseekers. You can sign up for free, and you have the option of purchasing your own leads, and or, by referring others, be in a position to earn free leads from your referrals earnings.  My very first GDI signup came from an Oppseekers Lead!

To collect your very own hot leads, you will need the services of an Auto-Responder.
Auto-Responders basically collect information from a web form with your leads details, such as, name, email, address, etc. They then can follow up with your lead until they join or purchase something from you. This is why I mentioned your Ad Copy skills earlier. The "unwritten law" suggests that you need at least 7 contacts with your lead before they will trust you enough to make a purchase, or sign up under you. Aweber is perhaps the best Auto-Responder on the web today. You can sign up for free, as usual, and also then access all their training material. You can also pay for your membership, as a free member, by referring others. Bring enough members onboard, and you could be getting the service not only for free, but also be earning commissions. You can get  all the information from HERE. Aweber has great training material / including video tutorials to show you how to set everything up. This will help you fast track your online marketing in a huge way!

You may also need your own  website to set everything up, and the most simplest, and most cost effective company to offer you a one-stop-shop, is GDI. I won't go into any more detail here, as I have covered GDI already on another page. Just follow the link!

Desktop Lightning
   This is a great tool for you to build your very own list. Through the power of Viral marketing, you will be able to build a huge list in no time. I have found it to be a super responsive & great marketing tool! But the key, as is always the case, is that you must promote your links. You have the resources to do that here at
Sign up for free HERE. You can also source many other sites & marketing tools from within the BYOiBiz browser toolbar.

In Conclusion
Advertising is your lifeline to " success ".
Nothing happens until you start to advertise. These sites, and guides inside  will give you the exposure you need to ensure your success.

   This guide will also be updated from time to time as further techniques & methods are investigated and found to be of benefit to our members, but I do sincerely hope that this information will provide you with the spark, interest and a roadmap to enable your first step! You won't find an easier way to build your internet business. So work it!

   Remember, one thing, you must be determined to succeed! Your not going to make it to high roller status unless you put the hard work and comittment into the system. Prepare your own business plan. Educate yourself with as many internet marketing articles as you can and use your own initiative!

   Please Bookmark & Check Back at this site for always updated & useful information.

   Best Wishes To Your Success! And always remember....

  Quitters Never Win & Winners Never Quit!
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