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   To Make Money on the Internet  You Need  your own Website...   

GDI is the Blue-Chip of all the home based, internet businesses. And is also the easiest way to your very own website! Whether you need a website to put on your business cards, promote your services or want to start your very own online internet marketing business, GDI can help you.

  GDI offers a super reliable and easy online web presence.  They are one of the fastest growing companies on the INC. 500 list.  If you've missed the "" boom, it's about the opportunity to be on the forefront of, the greatest real opportunity on the internet today.  In a market that’s predicted to have at least 500 million new subscribers online within the next ten years, we have exclusive rights to market domain names.  Is your favorite name already taken in .com, .net, or .org?  Good bet that it's still available in .ws!

Hot! GDI now also allows you to choose a .com or other more common domain addresses!)

   Not only can you have your very own domain name, you also get your own website to use for whatever purpose you like.  Hosting is included, and you also get 10 E-mail addresses of your very own to use as you wish.  All of this you get for only US $10 per month.

   The best part for the entrepreneur is that it comes with the opportunity for you to refer others to this service, and they also get the same opportunity, and this will pay you 10% down through five generations!  There are no limits to how many you can personally refer, so your earning potential here is unlimited!  This is a 11 year old company with a solid track record, that has the infrastructure in place to handle the massive growth that has begun.  In a market of such potential there are only 50,000 subscribers, (and growing rapidly), worldwide at this time.  Can you see the opportunity? This is the perfect time to take advantage of the massive growth!

   But GDI is still so much more. Even for the very low price of $10 per month, you won't find an easier way to get your presence on the world wide web. With a total package of domain names & web hosting, with email accounts, GDI is a one-stop shop. The integrated site builder will give you an easy wysiwyg interface with ready made templates to set up your very own personalised website. You can even upload your own website if your handy with creating your own pages. Be it for your business, or  for personal / family website, GDI makes it super easy for you to set it up. Look at this website as an example!

   It doesn't stop there... Because GDI is a business in itself, the costs incurred automatically become a "business expense". Therefore, all the expenses you incur, including the cost of your internet access, becomes tax deductible! Why wouldn't you take advantage of that? Add to that, all the other expenses / tax deductions that you can claim just by operating a home business, (eg, percentage of your household utilities expenses!), you can start to see the true benefits of GDI. Even if you don't personally sponsor anyone, you come out way ahead! That is true value!

  Before you decide, get more information.  Simply watch this short movie by clicking here, or watch the full corporate version by clicking here .

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Global Domains International
Global Domains International