Welcome to the Traffic Exchange Guide!
  This is a quick-start tutorial on how to get started with promoting your internet business.  It will enable traffic to start flowing to your websites. Please read this carefully and try to follow the recommendations. This is currently one of the best, cheapest and most surefire ways to market & promote your businesses! This will really start to drive traffic to your chosen sites,

  You can apply this method to all your marketing campaigns if you so desire. More experienced Internet Marketers may already have their own methods and techniques to promote their businesses, and that is absolutely fine! Do what ever your comfortable doing! This guide is mainly geared to the Internet Marketing Newbies who don't have the knowledge to get started. With the help of this guide, you should be able to hit the ground running!

  Try to not use your proper email address when you sign up to any traffic exchanges. Part of the deal is that you must confirm emails from the exchanges and receive members emails for signing up. I am sure you would not want your primary email address receiving excess emails!

  Solution? Join Yahoo.com or Inbox.com and apply for one of their free email services. I have been using my Yahoo email address for some years now and it is much better than hotmail in many ways! You get much more space for starters and you will be able to receive nearly all emails which you need to confirm your membership to the traffic exchanges. Tip: (Try using an inbox.com email account with all your spam filters turned off.. Recently I have noticed that Yahoo email is blocking many of my confirmation emails from coming through. Plus you don't get bombarded with advertisments like you do on Yahoo email.)

  I have tested many exchanges and I have prepared a list of the best performing traffic exchanges. All these exchanges are free to join although you can pay to get traffic credits. The only downside to the exchanges, is that you have to surf yourself to view other peoples websites.

  There's one management tool that you should use with the Traffic Exchanges. This tool is a site rotator. A site rotator essentially is a website which allows you to enter more than one url link within it. The site rotator website will give you a special url link which you can use to enter into your traffic exchanges. This special link will then rotate between all the websites you have listed. This will save you hours of time when you want to change or alter any your urls’s within the traffic exchanges.

  When setting up your Traffic Exchange Information, list your site rotator url as the website that you want to promote. When visitors access your traffic exchange URL, your rotator automatically transports them to one of the web pages you've chosen to advertise.

  When the time comes that you want to change the website(s) that you're promoting, all you have to do is login to one place online and make one change that will affect all your advertising links across your entire traffic exchange networks.

  A Good & Free site rotator can be found here: PageSwirl.com. This rotator while Free, does NOT have any pop-ups in a frame, banner ads, or navigational frames! This is important for when you are submitting to the traffic exchanges. Pageswirl is also one of the very few rotators which is accepted & approved by most of the traffic exchanges.
Join the list below then keep reading!
  Here is the list of Traffic Exchanges which have performed for me during testing.

  Join up each traffic exchange and use your Yahoo or inbox email that you have setup earlier to confirm your membership. The more traffic exchanges you sign up with, the more exposure you will have to your target audience! Some exchanges may not accept a rotator like pageswirl. You will just have to submit your required link(s) instead.

  I will try to keep this list updated as best I can. (Remember to keep a notepad text file of all your logins, passwords, referral links, and surf urls, if they have them.) "Roboform" is a handy program to have when you have so many log-ins!

WebmasterQuest - (Great Results With This Exchange)

TrafficSyndicate 25 - (Great Results With This Exchange)

  03: TrafficSwarm -
(Great Results With This Exchange)
04: WebBizInsider - (One of the all time best!)

  05: Webtraffic Genie -
(Good Results With This Exchange)

  06: Webcentre Surf -
(Good Results With This Exchange)

  07: Cashclicking.com -
(Normal Results With This Exchange)

  08: FastFreeway -
(Good Results With This Exchange)

  09: Traffic Pods -
(Great Results With This Exchange)

  10: 10khits4unow -
(Good Results With This Exchange)

  11: TrafficG -
(Good Results With This Exchange)

  12: Topsurfer -
(Great Results With This Exchange)

  13: Wolfsurfer -
(Good Results With This Exchange)

  14: MaxTrafficPro -
(Good Results With This Exchange)

  15: TrafficRoundup -
(Great Results With This Exchange)

  16: TrafficSoldiers -
(Good Results With This Exchange)

  17: HitSafari -
(Good Results With This Exchange)

  18: HitPulse -
(Normal Results With This Exchange)

  19: HitMagik -
(Normal Results With This Exchange)

  20: ILoveHits -
(Great Results With This Exchange)

  21: ClickVoyager -
(Good Results With This Exchange)

  22: TrafficTribe -
(Great Results With This Exchange)

  23: SwimInTraffic -
(Good Results With This Exchange)

  24: ProHitsPlus -
(Great Results With This Exchange)

  25: SoldierSurf -
(Good Results With This Exchange)

  26: LinkCrews -
(Great Results With This Exchange)

  27: FunnyFarm -
(Great Results With This Exchange)

  28: MagicHighway -
(Great Results With This Exchange)

29: AdvertisingKnowHow - (Great Results With This Exchange)

  34: EasyHits4U - (Great Results With This Exchange)

  Now, that should keep you busy for a while! There are other traffic exchanges, but these are probably the best known & best performing exchanges. They are in no particular order. Just make sure that you join as many as you can! With most of them, you will get free credits upon joining!

  Make sure that every exchange you join has the “Manual Surf” option.
Do not bother with autosurfing exchanges as nobody actually bothers to see your ads!

  This is very important. Always Check that you have assigned your credits to your traffic exchange referral site! And Keep checking the exchanges every now & then to make sure that your site has enough hits assigned to it! Failure to do so will mean your site will not be viewed by the other surfers!

  Next step:

  Please make sure that you have a respectable and always updated antivirus software with a good firewall to protect you at all times. Surfing for traffic is not without any dangers.

  Let’s start to put all this together.

  1: We have Signed up & activated our marketing email account.
  2: We have registered with Pageswirl to promote our sites in rotation.
  3: We have registered with each traffic exchange and confirmed the memberships through our email accounts.
  4: We should all try at this point to familiarize ourselves with each traffic exchange and how they operate.
  5: Within each traffic exchange, we need to add a site URL to promote. Enter your Pageswirl rotator URL in the link box that Pageswirl has provided you. Some exchanges may not allow rotators, so you will have to advertize your direct affiliate link.
  6: Write down all your membership details in a notepad text file for each exchange.

  A very handy program to use is Roboform. Purchase this if you can. This program will be your best friend. It stores & remembers all your passwords and logins for all your web pages that require you to login. It is very reasonable in price and will save you countless headaches and head scratchings when your trying to remember your logins & passwords while surfing! You can download a free trial version directly

  Now most of the traffic exchanges have a Surf URL, others may require you to login and select a surfing option. We will by now have created a notepad file with all our login information for each of the traffic exchange Url’s. I also have put my Pageswirl info within this text file.

  We now open up our internet browser and load each surf url into it. Open each new link into a tabbed page. All of these exchanges have timers & anti-cheat mechanisms which force the user to wait for the predetermined time before they can continue to the next site. We will open all the links of the exchanges and tab through each one while clicking the required surfing buttons. This will allow you to quickly increase your overall hits over a wider traffic exchange network of surfers.

  Many of these exchanges require you to surf a minimum number of sites before your account becomes activated. You must maintain at least 1 to 2 hours a day clicking through to earn credits. The more you surf, the more views will be allocated to your site. Many sites will also give you free credits when you sign up.. (Free Advertising!) You can also purchase surfing credits if the constant clicking becomes too tiring for you.

  You can save your tabs in Firefox, by downloading an addon which will allow you to quickly open up all your surfing links. Roboform will quickly log you in if a certain exchange requires you to do so first! Roboform will remember those tricky auto-assigned passwords or login id’s that will give you a hard time when your loging in! The free version only allows you 10 sites. Alternatively, your Firefox browser is handy at also remembering your log in passwords, but I have found problems with Firefox losing that ability after some time. Also, Firefox may not work on some log in pages.

  Now you do have the option to pay for your traffic if you want to. That will immediately get your site displayed much more often and for much longer without the need for you to surf. (I paid for the good performers only), but we will try to avoid paying as much as possible! You can experiment yourself as your budget allows.

  A good tip, is to separate the traffic exchanges into two lots. Surf each lot on alternating days. That way you increase your overall exposure to more different people. Your not wasting your hard earned credit by showing the same surfers the same link many times.

  Keep an eye out for other exchanges and join them where you can. You can only benefit by increasing your exposure to other interested surfers who stick to their own traffic exchanges.  New Exchanges are terrific for grabbing new recruits as they sign up.

This is also very important.. To maximise your traffic exchange advantage, refer others to sign up under your own personal traffic exchange referral url.

Tip! A great idea is to load up all your traffic exchange referral url's into your rotator, and then advertise all your traffic exchanges to all the other exchanges to bring in as many referrals as you can. Most exchanges will give you lots of credits for signing up new referrals, and also a percentage of each referrals surfing credits! Do this for a month or two. This will gain you much extra leverage, and will cut down your surfing time by a huge margin!

Result? Lots of Free Traffic, coming to your sites!